Ernst Alexis Katalog 2018-2019 EN

WE ARE SHIRTMAKERS Shirts have been made in Aplared for a long time. The classic textile tradition permeates the village. The old factory where Ernst Alexis currently has its studio, office, exhibition and picking warehouse was built in the early 1930s and has always been the centre of authentic and high quality shirt production. In our heart, the old shirt factory in Aplared outside Borås, we develop our shirts based on textile traditions, modern materials and for a sustainable future. Newmodels and fits are developed based on new demands and requests, which is where our knowledge of garments comes into its own. That is the way we like it, because you as a customer should be sure about and pleased with your choice of shirt. And that is also the way master tailor Ernst Alexis Pettersson would have liked it. Welcome to Ernst Alexis! Aplared, Sweden